JFI student debt research featured in Higher Ed Not Debt campaign

JFI has joined the Higher Ed Not Debt coalition to add our research to a broader set of organizations investigating and advocating around rising student debt levels nationwide. In a “#CancelStudentDebt Week of Action,” Higher Ed Not Debt organizations utilized a fact sheet featuring JFI’s recently-released data mapping student debt levels nationwide.

JFI Lead Researcher on Higher Education Finance, Laura Beamer, along with JFI Policy Communications Lead Halah Ahmad, contributed to drafting a fact sheet that could represent the scale of student debt within each state and across the country, tabulating average sticker prices, median debt levels, and net costs after grants and scholarships. The map was produced by Francis Tseng, JFI Lead Independent Researcher.

The fact sheets are available on the Higher Ed Not Debt website here. We are grateful to join in this work and glad the research has been useful for advocacy on student debt relief. In particular, many thanks to our friends at the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) and Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) for their great collaboration on this fact sheet.