Chirag Lala

Co-author and Researcher at the Applied Economics Clinic

Chirag Lala collaborated on 2023’s Municipal Public Banking project from JFI and the Berggruen Institute. He co-authored a report, “Municipal Bank of LA: Clean Energy Portfolio Options” that addresses lending options for a just climate transition.

Chirag is a Researcher at the Applied Economics Clinic. He works on projects involving policy and administrative analysis, qualitative research, and methodological development. In his time at AEC, he has worked on greenhouse gas emissions inventories, researched the planning and development of zero-emission generation and decarbonization technologies, and provided comments to the federal government calling for updates to the U.S. federal social costs of greenhouse gases. He also has extensive experience in grid interconnection issues of renewable and storage resources, financing of energy projects and investment, embodied carbon analysis, and calculating the land-use emissions effects of solar development. Read his full biography here.

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