Atlantic Council policy memo: “How to strike a grand bargain on EU nuclear energy policy”

JFI fellows Jonah Allen and Théophile Pouget-Abadie are both cited as authors on a policy memo as part of our affiliate initiative with the Atlantic Council.

The memo offers policy recommendations on how the European Union might overcome their internal divisions on the contentious issue of nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy, with its low-carbon and reliable electricity generation, can play a significant role in ensuring energy security and meeting decarbonization targets. However, it is currently stymied by both the politics of German-led supranational obstruction and French-led domestic underperformance. A “peace pact” on nuclear energy in Europe and a package to allow the nuclear energy sector to compete has the potential to accelerate broader energy transition policies, restore trust in consensus building, and reestablish the EU as a climate leader.

Read the full policy memo.