Publication Series

Millennial Student Debt

Part 15

A First Look at Student Debt Cancellation

The first analysis of the policy-driven student debt cancellation that has been enacted over the last several years.

Special Report

Cost Deception at Elite Private Colleges

Following Millennial Student Debt Part 7, "How Schools Lie: The Deceptive Financial Aid System at America's Colleges," Laura Beamer and Eduard...

Issue Brief

The Right Way to Cancel Student Debt

A collaboration between JFI and Debt Collective, the issue brief makes a data-driven case for universal, automatic, and generous debt...

Financing the Energy Transition

Part 2

State of Play: Proxy Season 2024

In this report, CAS highlights 21 upcoming annual meetings where our benchmarking raises concerns about the pace of progress on energy...

Part 1

Nuclear Memo

"JFI modeling suggests that, even with existing reactor designs, greenfield nuclear power plants can be a competitive source of clean,...

Labor Market Policy and the Energy Transition

Part 1

Labor Market Policy and the Energy Transition: A Problem Statement

"Can skilled labor supply expand at the necessary pace to green our energy system, without wasting an opportunity to negotiate...

Policy Microsimulations

CTC Analysis Part 10

The Tax Liability Red Herring: Defending Child Tax Credit Reforms

Analysis responding to the latest Congressional debates: Insisting CTC improvements go to families who have federal tax liability would ensure...

CTC Analysis Part 9

Responding To the Bipartisan Child Tax Credit Expansion Critics: The Tenuous Evidence Behind Work Disincentives

This report attempts to explain comprehensively why objections to the CTC reforms on the grounds of disincentivizing work are mistaken.

CTC Analysis Part 8

Bipartisan Child Tax Credit Expansion: Analysis of the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024

Congressional tax negotiators have announced an agreement to expand the Child Tax Credit (CTC). The proposal significantly increases benefits for...

Social Wealth Seminar

Session 14

Social Wealth Seminar: Paul Williams and Zachary Marks

"Building a Future for Public Developers."

Session 13

Social Wealth Seminar: Jason Windawi

“What Makes Guaranteed Income Durable?"

Session 12

Social Wealth Seminar: Saule Omarova

“The Case for a U.S. National Investment Authority.”

Municipal Public Banking

Part 5

Municipal Bank of LA: Interactive Balance Sheet Simulator

The simulator enables the public to allocate resources among the proposed public bank lending programs, testing cost and profit assumptions...

Part 4

Municipal Bank of LA: Clean Energy Portfolio Options

Paired with new federal incentives through the Inflation Reduction Act, this briefing covers ways a public bank could crucially accelerate...

Part 3

Municipal Bank of LA: Financial Justice Portfolio Options

This briefing analyzes innovative financing mechanisms that could help employees purchase small businesses from a "silver tsunami" of retiring owners...

Messaging Guaranteed Income

Part 4

Research Session: Perceptions of Guaranteed Income – New Polling

A look at early results from recent polling research on guaranteed income perceptions and messaging, featuring work from Leah Hamilton...

Part 3

International Perspectives in Basic Income Messaging – BIRAL Seminar

JFI is hosting the second Basic Income Research and Action Lab (BIRAL) seminar: “International Perspectives in Basic Income Messaging,” an...

Part 2

How to frame guaranteed income policy: a review of literature

Plentiful research and pilots have demonstrated the positive impacts of guaranteed income, but policy proposals require careful attention to framing...

From Idea to Reality: Getting to Guaranteed Income

Policy Brief

Assessing Non-filer Rates & Poverty Impacts for the American Rescue Plan Act’s Expanded CTC

A microsimulation of child poverty impacts and analysis of how to reach eligible non-filers for maximum poverty impacts

Position Paper

JFI Position on Guaranteed Income, August 2021

A new position paper by JFI’s guaranteed income research team brings together years of policy research to define basic...

Research Brief

They Worked: Claudia Sahm on the effects of $1,400 relief payments on families and the economy

New survey data demonstrating how families made use of the third round of cash relief.

Inside Out: Mining and Renewable Energy

Part 3

Inside Out: A Conversation

A live Twitter conversation between experts and advocates in renewable energy, economics, geology, indigenous rights, land rights, and related issues.

Part 2

Inside Out: A Webinar

On May 20, 2020, JFI hosted a virtual briefing on a report on renewable energy, the future of mining, and the re-localization...

Part 1

Inside Out: A Report

Whatever the shape of the coming transition away from fossil fuels, the need to understand the social and distributional costs...