Business Insider speaks with Michael Stynes on Finland basic income trials

Business Insider spoke to JFI CEO Michael Stynes for a perspective on why Finland’s basic income trial was hamstrung from success. The trial started in 2017 as Finland became the first European country to test an unconditional basic income policy, with 10,000 intended recipients. The program ended in December 2018 after disbursements were made for only 2,000 people, and in smaller amounts than originally planned by researchers.

“Because of the fundamental design of the trial, basic income was only a small part of the services given to the recipients, and they were required to forgo certain other benefits in order to receive the money,” Stynes relayed. This critique of suspending other social safety nets in favor of a cash transfer is mirrored by Mayor Michael Tubbs of Stockton, where JFI has also advised their basic income experiment, known as SEED.

We are grateful to Business Insider and Aria Bendix for speaking with us, and for sharing our research perspective on the Finland trial.

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