Creating a cash button: new op ed in Insider from Stephen Nuñez and Rachel Black

Stephen Nuñez, Guaranteed Income Lead Researcher, and Rachel Black, former JFI fellow and current associate director of the Financial Security Program at the Aspen Institute, published an op ed in Insider on the urgent need to create a better cash disbursement architecture.

The lesson is clear: our policies are only as good as the plumbing that delivers them. To better respond to this crisis and those to come, Congress needs to scrap the current fragmented system and build a direct and seamless infrastructure capable of sending cash quickly and automatically when families — and the economy — need it. In short, Congress needs to create a “cash button.” 

Find the full piece here. For a more detailed look at how the US can create a system for quick cash delivery in times of need, read our white paper, “Building a Helicopter: Pathways for Targeting and Distributing a US Guaranteed Income.”

The piece was also featured in the Aspen Institute’s 5 Best Ideas of the Day.