Editorial: The Future of Guaranteed Income Is At The Community Level

The In Her Hands initiative, a cash transfer to 650 women in Georgia. (Photo courtesy Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund)

A Next City editorial by Halah Ahmad, Steve Nuñez, and Hope Wollensack covers the future of Guaranteed Income, using Georgia’s In Her Hands initiative as an example of how city level initiatives can lead to long term, large scale change.

As guaranteed income advocates, pilot practitioners, and researchers coalesce into a movement beyond the Child Tax Credit or emergency spending alone, it is time to shift the narrative around poverty and inequality by highlighting the deficiencies of our existing safety net. The next stage of work will be led by those telling their stories of having an income floor and continuing to work for greater economic opportunity for their families.

Photo: The In Her Hands initiative. (Photo courtesy Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund)