JFI higher education research supplements grassroots “Debt-Free College” week of action

As a member of the Higher Ed Not Debt (HEND) coalition, JFI higher education researchers this week added their nonpartisan research on student debt and college affordability to the grassroots week of action on “Debt-Free College for All.”

The grassroots week of action is led by Generation Progress from October 25 to 29, 2021, and supported by over a dozen higher education organizations. It includes briefings with members of Congress on evidence surrounding college affordability nationwide as well as testimonies from those affected by large student debt burdens or higher education access issues.

In collaboration with analysts at the Center for American Progress and others in the Higher Ed Not Debt coalition, JFI’s contribution included drafting a series of state-level overview materials that summarize data and impacts around free community college proposals and the cost of higher education that might be addressed by proposals to expand federal support for higher education.

View the state-level materials here: