JFI Researchers Stephen Nuñez & Paul Katz give lessons from Maricá in Global Americans

Steve and Paul wrote for Global Americans with our partner Fábio Waltenberg of UFF, on lessons for UBI research from Maricá.

JFI Guaranteed Income Project Lead Stephen Nuñez, Research Fellow Paul Katz, and research partner Fábio Waltenberg of UFF published an illuminating article on the major implications of our research in Maricá, where a 52,000-recipient basic income policy is being implemented as of November 2019.

The article, titled, “Renda Básica da Cidadania: What lessons could Latin America’s largest basic income program bring to research on Universal Basic Income?” describes how unique such an unconditional transfer is compared to other major cash transfers implemented around the world.

One out of every three people in the city will receive a basic income, making a difference in the lives of tens of thousands who will be lifted above the poverty line while receiving other government benefits. The amount, disbursed in local currency and proportionately larger than most other cash transfers, is equal to three quarters of the local poverty line (about $42 per month). “These initiatives could soon reverberate across Brazil,” the article states.

JFI has also published about this major new policy in Business Insider and Vox, among others.

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