JFI speaks at Stanford Deliberative Polling & Korea Basic Income Fair events

This weekend, JFI Lead Researcher Stephen Nuñez spoke at both the Korea Basic Income Fair and the Stanford and Berggruen Institute’s Deliberative Polling convening, providing expertise on guaranteed income research and related economic policy implications.

The Stanford University and Berggruen Institute event convened 1500 young people nationwide from 35 colleges and universities to hear about a number of emergent policy issues and engage in a dialogue that concludes in opinion polling informed by robust discussion. Such a polling practice takes into account contentious discourse around proposed policies that can more readily replicate the views individuals form when policies are viably proposed. Other polling practices can sometimes represent siloed, untested views on policies around which the public has either unformed or under-informed views. Results of the polling are forthcoming.

The Korea Basic Income Fair also hosted JFI for a second year in an annual conference organized by the Gyeonggi Province government and research institute along with the Basic Income Korean Network. The conference convenes international experts. Steve spoke alongside University of Pennsylvania researcher Ioana Marinescu, Paul Niehaus of UC-San Diego and Eulsik Gim of the Gyeonggi Research Institute. In particular, the panel discussed the role of basic income within the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you to the organizers for a robust array of sessions on the state of existing research and future directions for basic income policy. Read more about the sessions here.

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