Johannes Haushofer

 Image of Johannes Haushofer presenting his research at JFI.

On November 8th’s JFI Research Session, Princeton Assistant Professor & JFI Fellow Johannes Haushofer presented the results of a large-scale cash transfer study conducted in rural Kenya, focusing on the general equilibrium impacts of cash transfers.

GiveDirectly disbursed eleven million dollars over 24 months, with an implied fiscal shock equal to 15% of local GDP, to households below a threshold poverty line in 653 villages. The research team, of which Haushofer was a part, conducted extensive measurement for both recipients and non-recipients.

The full study, titled, “General equilibrium effects of cash transfers: experimental evidence from Kenya,” can be found here. Co-authors include Dennis Egger, Edward Miguel, Paul Niehaus, and Michael Walker.

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Image of JFI staff members and guests in the audience for Haushofer.