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Social Wealth Seminar

Social Wealth Seminar: Jonathan Calenzani

"Bond Yields in an Era of Slow Growth."

Tuesday, October 13
: Jonathan Calenzani (JFI Fellow and Senior Analyst, TP ICAP), “Bond Yields in an Era of Slow Growth.”

Suggested Readings

  • This very short column by Joe Wiesenthal: “The Non-Weirdness of Negative Interest Rates,” Bloomberg, August 8, 2019
  • This strikingly ambitious reconstruction of global real interest rates from the fourteenth century to the present: Paul Schmelzing, “Eight centuries of global real interest rates, R-G, and the ‘suprasecular’ decline, 1311–2018,” Bank of England Staff Working Paper No. 845, January 2020

View the session on Youtube here.