News Coverage of Phenomenal World’s Brazil Launch with Adam Tooze

Widespread coverage of Brazilian Minister of Finance Fernando Haddad's comments during the launch event.

Phenomenal World, JFI’s web publication, recently began publishing Spanish and Portuguese channels. The NYC-based editorial team traveled to Sao Paulo for a launch event featuring Brazil’s finance minister Fernando Haddad in conversation with Adam Tooze and Patricia Campos Mello. The second panel included Julia Torracca, Clara Brenck, Pedro Marques, and Marcelo Roubicek.

At the panel, prompted by Tooze, Haddad discussed Brazil’s economic outlook: bumpy in the short term due to intragovernmental conflicts, with a favorable medium and long term, anticipating positive results from tax reform. Also newsworthy were Haddad’s comments on how Brazil is underestimated by both the US and China, on the potential for close partnership with Germany, and on the possibility of greenwashing or “green patrimonialism” (the capture of green subsidies by the lobbyists or other entrenched interests) during the energy transition.

These comments earned the launch event widespread mention in Brazilian media, including CNN Brasil, Exame, Estadao, Folha de Sao Paulo, O Globo, BOL, Valor Economico, Agencia Brasil, InfoMoney, Midiamax, Poder360, Istoe Dinheiro, Folha de Pernambuco, Noticias Agricolas (via Reuters), Folha Vitoria, and Inteligencia Financeira.