Phenomenal World event: IMF and the Legacy of Bretton Woods

Video now available from our panel discussion on the global monetary system

Following the 50-year anniversary of the collapse of Bretton Woods, this discussion, hosted by Phenomenal World, focused on the transformations of the international monetary system and the role of international financial institutions in managing the global economy.

What changes have taken place in the monetary system since the end of Bretton Woods? What role does the IMF play in the current international monetary arrangement, and is that role compatible with its legal mandate? What is the relationship between multipolarity and multilateralism? What measures are needed to avoid a two-track pandemic recovery and another lost decade for the global South?

The event featured Mona Ali, Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima, Richard Kozul-Wright, Chris Marsh, and Lara Merling.

View the video on YouTube here.

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