Social Wealth Fund work featured in Brazil’s O Globo

Brazil’s Jornal O Globo reports on the partnership between JFI, UFF, CEDE, and the government of the city of Niterói to develop tools and analytics for Niterói’s pathbreaking municipal sovereign wealth fund, the Fundo de Equalização da Receita (FER). Read the piece here (in Portuguese).

Our collaboration was launched at an event in Niterói this past September. At its heart is the development of software for risk modeling and portfolio analysis.

Niterói’s FER is one of four subnational royalty funds in Brazil, along with Maricá (RJ) and Ilhabela (SP), and the state of Espírto Santo. The four funds are increasingly in touch, including at this June webinar hosted by the Niterói Treasury.

These innovative Brazilian sovereign wealth funds aim to turn short-term oil royalties into long-term asset pools in service of the public.

Read more about our collaboration here.