Stephen Nuñez speaks to The Hill about the Child Tax Credit

In The Hill, Aris Folley scrutinizes the implications of a return to the pre-pandemic Child Tax Credit. The reporters spoke to Stephen Nuñez, JFI’s lead researcher on guaranteed income.

Advocates and experts say returning to previous versions of the credit, which included work requirements and a credit that was not fully refundable, would hurt those most vulnerable.

“​​It’s about cutting the deep poverty rate, and those are the folks who, because they don’t have any earnings, or have very limited earnings, basically did not benefit much at all from the child tax credit before it became fully refundable,” researcher Stephen Nuñez, who heads guaranteed income policy research for the Jain Family Institute, told The Hill.

Nuñez added that it’s “very clear that the fully refundable benefit has a disproportionate impact on African American child poverty and deep poverty and Hispanic poverty and deep poverty.”

Link to the piece.

View all of Nuñez’s work with Jack Landry on the Child Tax Credit here.

Director of Macroeconomic Research Claudia Sahm also spoke to The Hill on the CTC in December.

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