Coverage of “Homeownership and Student Debt” in Bloomberg, Politico

From Bloomberg:

A central part of the “American Dream” is to buy a house, pay it off over time and retire with hundreds of thousands of dollars of equity in the home.

Student-loan burdens are upending this scenario, according to a study from the Jain Family Institute that found the rise in student debt has become a major obstacle to purchasing a home — especially among relatively high-income young borrowers.

The research brings into question the value of a college degree. For young adults earning $100,000 or more, higher student debt corresponds with lower homeownership in each year of the 10-year study.

Article by Alexandre Tanzi here.

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The post was also featured in Politico’s Report Roundup in Weekly Education, and in Simon Kennedy’s New Economy Daily newsletter at Bloomberg.

From the series:
Millennial Student Debt