Chief Research Officer

Jerome Hodges

Jerome (Jay) Hodges oversees research at the Jain Family Institute.

He did his doctoral work as a Presidential Fellow at MIT under the supervision of Ford Professor of Philosophy Sally Haslanger, focusing on intersections of philosophy of science and social philosophy. Before MIT, he graduated valedictorian and summa cum laude from North Carolina State University with honors degrees in mathematics and philosophy, with a concentration in logic, reasoning, and representation, and completed a master’s degree in mathematics, with a thesis on mathematical physics and differential geometry.

Jay has done research in philosophy at MIT, in materials science at Temple University, in semantic technologies at GlaxoSmithKline, and in mathematical physics at NCSU, and has presented his work in Vienna, Bangalore, and the United States. He has taught philosophy of law as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and philosophy of law, philosophy of physics, and political philosophy as a doctoral teaching assistant at MIT.

Outside of the academy, he has worked with social justice organizations, including the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, and served on the board of directors of several grassroots nonprofits. In his spare time, he codes, builds electronics, and plays piano.

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