Natalie Leonard


Natalie Leonard is a Research Fellow at JFI working on labor, workforce development, climate, and industrial policy. She previously worked on industrial policy at the Berggruen Institute and researched financial crises at the Yale Program on Financial Stability. Beyond her work at JFI, Natalie is a senior analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. She holds a BA in economics and philosophy from the University of Chicago.

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Labor Market Policy and the Energy Transition

Over the next year, JFI will be working on policy related to the twin opportunity of the climate labor gap and the skilled labor institutional gap. The current landscape of the climate transition reveals a paradoxical juxtaposition: paired forward-thinking policies around capital deployment stand in contrast to retrograde skilled labor policy. This combination will only serve to undermine and delay the energy transition while also wasting an opportunity to construct truly ambitious, sorely-needed new institutions. In the coming series, we’ll investigate what it would take to build these new institutions.

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