Coverage of Millennial Student Debt

Millennial Student Debt is our Higher Education Finance initiative’s marquee research series, which examines, from multiple angles, the current student debt crisis across the country. We’re grateful to note some recent press coverage of this work:

October’s “The Distribution of Student Debt Relief: Data versus Narrative” was featured on ABC DC, Fortune, and Bloomberg.

December’s “Student Debt and Young America in 2023 — Annual Report and Data Comparison Tool” prompted an article in Marketwatch. Aarthi Swaminathan emphasized how the loan repayment pause during the pandemic lifted homeownership rates among student debtors.

Also in Marketwatch, Jillian Berman’s coverage of Biden’s new student loan repayment plans cited fellow Marshall Steinbaum’s report “The Student Loan Crisis is a Crisis of Non-Repayment.

Find the whole series here.

From the series:
Millennial Student Debt