Vox covers JFI’s recent research on the Child Tax Credit

Vox’s Dylan Matthews spoke with Jack Landry, JFI research associate and author of the new report, “The Impact of Families with No Income on an Expanded Child Tax Credit.” The piece focuses on how, drawing on Landry’s recent data, Congress may come to a compromise regarding the previously-defeated expanded child tax credit.

“In any case, Landry’s findings suggest that a child credit compromise that speeds up the phase-in, gets rid of the income minimum, and eliminates the refundability cap would be almost as good as a fully refundable credit at fighting poverty. Not as good, to be sure, but most of the way — and given political realities, that’s the best compromise we might hope for. Landry estimates that a reform along the lines of Romney/Daines “would provide about 75 percent of the total benefits of a fully refundable $2,000 CTC.”

Read the piece in Vox.