Social Wealth and Financing the Energy Transition

Sina Sinai

Research Associate

Sina Sinai is a Data Science Research Associate at JFI. Previously, he spent years working as a data scientist at various startups, political organizations, and a large investment manager. He is currently an MA candidate in economics at CUNY John Jay College and earned a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from UCLA.

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Financing the Energy Transition

This series presents at investors and policymakers with a high-level picture of the factors influencing the financing and bankability of green technologies in the United States. For each technology -- including nuclear, solar, wind, hydrogen, long duration energy storage, carbon capture, and industrial decarbonization -- our team of data analysts and market experts conducts in-depth interviews with investors and scholars to ground sector-specific levelized cost models. These models, in turn, allow us to capture the key sensitivities governing each technology's cost profile and identify the most important levers for optimizing their financial viability. With these reports, we aim to equip decisionmakers, on both the investment and the policy sides, with the insights they need in order to make informed decisions that will accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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Social Wealth

We build tools, conduct research, and develop partnerships to help transform public assets into long-term financial portfolios in service of the public interest.