Editorial and Communications

Halah Ahmad

Vice President, Lead Researcher for Policy

As the Vice President, Lead Researcher for Policy until 2023, Halah managed JFI’s work with grassroots organizations and policymakers, as well as engagement with journalists, academics, and peer research groups. She also oversaw JFI’s nonpartisan analysis of legislation that intersects with our core research areas. On the Editorial Team, Halah worked to further develop JFI’s policy and communication strategies, raising the profile of JFI’s research to better inform social policy.

Halah received a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Cambridge as the Lionel de Jersey Harvard Scholar, and an honors degree in the Comparative Study of Religion and Sociology from Harvard. She brings to JFI years of experience in policy research and analysis, having completed the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs in San Francisco, and worked on issues of urban inequality and displacement in Milwaukee, Chicago, the West Bank, Albania, Greece, Berlin and elsewhere.

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