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Publication Series

Social Wealth Seminar

Session 14

Social Wealth Seminar: Paul Williams and Zachary Marks

“Building a Future for Public Developers.”

Session 13

Social Wealth Seminar: Jason Windawi

“What Makes Guaranteed Income Durable?”

Session 12

Social Wealth Seminar: Saule Omarova

“The Case for a U.S. National Investment Authority.”

Millennial Student Debt

Issue Brief

The Right Way to Cancel Student Debt

A collaboration between JFI and Debt Collective, the issue brief makes a data-driven case for universal, automatic, and generous debt…

Special Report

Cost Deception at Elite Private Colleges

Following Millennial Student Debt Part 7, “How Schools Lie: The Deceptive Financial Aid System at America’s Colleges,” Laura Beamer and Eduard…

Part 12

The Repayment Pause and the Continuing Crisis of Non-Repayment

Part 12 in the Millennial Student Debt Series, this report analyzes student loan repayment during the pandemic repayment moratorium.

Municipal Public Banking

Part 5

Municipal Bank of LA: Interactive Balance Sheet Simulator

The simulator enables the public to allocate resources among the proposed public bank lending programs, testing cost and profit assumptions…

Part 4

Municipal Bank of LA: Clean Energy Portfolio Options

Paired with new federal incentives through the Inflation Reduction Act, this briefing covers ways a public bank could crucially accelerate…

Part 3

Municipal Bank of LA: Financial Justice Portfolio Options

This briefing analyzes innovative financing mechanisms that could help employees purchase small businesses from a “silver tsunami” of retiring owners…

Messaging Guaranteed Income

Part 4

Research Session: Perceptions of Guaranteed Income – New Polling

A look at early results from recent polling research on guaranteed income perceptions and messaging, featuring work from Leah Hamilton…

Part 3

International Perspectives in Basic Income Messaging – BIRAL Seminar

JFI is hosting the second Basic Income Research and Action Lab (BIRAL) seminar: “International Perspectives in Basic Income Messaging,” an…

Part 2

How to frame guaranteed income policy: a review of literature

Plentiful research and pilots have demonstrated the positive impacts of guaranteed income, but policy proposals require careful attention to framing…

From Idea to Reality: Getting to Guaranteed Income

Policy Brief

Assessing Non-filer Rates & Poverty Impacts for the American Rescue Plan Act’s Expanded CTC

A microsimulation of child poverty impacts and analysis of how to reach eligible non-filers for maximum poverty impacts

Position Paper

JFI Position on Guaranteed Income, August 2021

A new position paper by JFI’s guaranteed income research team brings together years of policy research to define basic…

Research Brief

They Worked: Claudia Sahm on the effects of $1,400 relief payments on families and the economy

New survey data demonstrating how families made use of the third round of cash relief.

Policy Microsimulations

CTC Analysis Part 6

Revisiting the Child Tax Credit for the Lame Duck Session: Comparing Parameters for Anti-Poverty Impacts

JFI researchers review recent CTC proposals and simulate the effects of varying key reforms that increase the policy’s anti-poverty impacts,…

CTC Analysis Part 5

The Expanded Child Tax Credit and Parental Employment: Tenuous Evidence Points to Work Disincentives

Some academics and policymakers argue that the expanded Child Tax Credit will disincentive work; this report points out the weak…

CTC Analysis Part 4

Memo: Cost Simulations of a Fully-Refundable Child Tax Credit (CTC) 2022-2031

Jack Landry and Stephen Nuñez publish ten-year CTC full refundability estimates, illustrating compromise proposals that retain CTC poverty impacts…

Inside Out: Mining and Renewable Energy

Part 3

Inside Out: A Conversation

A live Twitter conversation between experts and advocates in renewable energy, economics, geology, indigenous rights, land rights, and related issues.

Part 2

Inside Out: A Webinar

On May 20, 2020, JFI hosted a virtual briefing on a report on renewable energy, the future of mining, and the re-localization…

Part 1

Inside Out: A Report

Whatever the shape of the coming transition away from fossil fuels, the need to understand the social and distributional costs…

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